Company Profile

Under the Family of Mildef Crete Inc, SCS Technologies Pte Ltd. specializes in selling unique military and industrial computer systems and devices designed to withstand extreme environments.

Our rugged and ultra-rugged products which include Rugged Notebook, Rugged Tablet, Rugged Handheld, and Rugged Keyboards possess an unrivalled degree of protection.

Some of the stress factors they are resistant to are shocks 120 g, vibration 6 g, hoarfrost and dew, low and high pressure, RF electromagnetic field, acoustic noise, solar radiation, etc.

Declared product characteristics are proved by reports of tests conducted in specialized 3rd party testing centres.

Another proof of their ruggedness is compliance with military standards like MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, IP rating, etc.

Ultimate protection makes these products a perfect choice for the military, police, oil and gas industry, factories, geology or for anyone who requires stable operation in the toughest conditions.