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Industrial printer «MP-2200» is intended for integration in mobile computing systems and can be used in moving vehicles.
Unique technical features
  • Thermal printers are more resistant to vibration and shock in comparison with laser, matrix and inkjet printers.
  • Designed in metal case it is proof against external mechanical influences.
  • The printer can be directly connected to DC power system with voltage from 9 to 32V or to AC power via AC/DC adapter.
  • The printer is equipped with highly reliable military bayonet metal connectors with a metal protective cap for DC power and interfaces (USB/LPT).
  • Standard configuration includes mounting kits for a work desk, wall or ceiling.
  • The printer can be optionally supplied with a vibration isolating platform
  • The printer can be optionally equipped with heating system for cold start at low temperatures.
  • Thermal printer can be optionally integrated in a monoblock with a computing system unit.
  • The product can be optionally supplied with a mounting kit for installation in a 19" rackmount.


  • This keyboards is constructed to survive in exposed, unsupervised, public environments, and military as Army, Navy, Air force.
  • Their responsive key action ensures rapid, reliable and responsive data entry in tough, wet or hostile conditions. A hardened stainless steel front plate and polymer keys ensure the keyboard’s resistance to hard use, abuse and vandalism. A water and impact resistant trackball makes this keyboard the complete and ideal solution for PC data entry in menu based ‘point & click’ application.


  • Key: 85 keys
  • Key top style: Protuberant rectangular keys.
  • Actuator/keys materials: polymer
  • SS housing: full SUS304 stainless steel housing.
  • Robust polycarbonate frame: between top SS plate and back SS plate for fixing and mounting keys & gold PCB electronics controller, with mounting holes along the keyboard mounting edge for fixing inside parts with SS housing.
  • Key Size: 11.4mm x 11.4mm for normal keys, 11.4mm x 24.3mm for enter key, 11.4mm x 71.8mm for space bar.
  • Key travel: 1.50mm
  • Tracker ball: 38mm (1.5') diameter:
  • IP65 Mechanical trackball /IP65 chameleon backlight trackball, IP68 optical washable trackball are available.
  • Switch life: more than 10 million of operations.
  • Lettering: laser-etched or high quality ink print.
  • G.W.: 2.50KGs
  • Dimensions: 393.0mm x 154.4mm x 36.0mm (L x W x H) 


  • Supply Voltage: +5V DC +/-5%
  • Current Rating:
  • 40mA for keyboard and trackball without backlight.
  • 240mA for keyboard and trackball with backlight on.
  • EMC Standard: It is compliance with the council EMC directive 89/336/EEC
  • EN55022:1988+A1:2000+A2:2003
  • EN55024: 1988+A1:2001+A2:2003
  • Emission: EN 50081-1
  • Immunity: EN 50082-1
  • Lifespan>5 years
  • Switch Contact Material: Carbon-on-Gold key switch technology PCB.
  • Interface: PS2, USB available.
  • OS: DOS/Windows95/98/NT/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win7, Linux, Unix, Mac OSX


  • Operating temperature:-20ºC to +60ºC
  • Storage temperature: -30ºC to +70ºC
  • Operating RH: 100%
  • Atmospheric pressure: 60-106Kpa.
  • Saline mist: 96 hours, IEC 60512-6
  • Damp heat test at + 40oC: 21 days, IEC 60512-6
  • Dry heat test at + 85oC: 10 days, IEC 60512-6
  • RoHS, CE and FCC, ESD
  • Protection Level: IP65 (front panel)
  • Vandal resistant IK09
  • Key Lifespan >10 million actuations
  • MTBF >50000H
  • MTTR <30min